Easy way to remove .html on pages

Someone came to me with a WordPress site was which had the pharmaceutical hack so pages redirected to the pharmacy site.

Using malcare plugin it’s clean again, permissions set, plugins updated etc. However the links to other pages within the site all have .html at the end so they don’t load.

Is there a quick way to remove .html at the end of each page easily? Currently don’t have access to the webhosting DB anymore just FTP and WordPress. I can get dB access but not till next week so wondering if there’s a way I can fix without?

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  1. Depending on format… not 100% sure where this .html is – you could install better search replace – and replace all occurrences of .html in POSTS

    But obviously – if you have other valid links in the pages (e.g. [bbc.co.uk/news/posh-twats-ruin-country.html](https://bbc.co.uk/news/posh-twats-ruin-country.html)) these will break. But if there’s a unique pattern it may be possible.


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