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This is the page to configure )


thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble. As these are English-language forums, I’ll reply in English. That way, more people can benefit from our discussion. I hope that’s ok.

The cause for this indeed are those toggle elements from Elementor (it would be the same with any such collapsible sections). Using these means that the tables are not visible on the page when the JavaScript code for the Horizontal Scrolling is initialized. This means that certain calculations, like column widths or the table size can not be made properly (because elements that hidden have a width of 0, so to speak).

Now, we could potentially get around that by adjusting the initialization code of the Horizontal Scrolling so that it takes into account the collapsible sections. However, this is something that I can only offer as part of the priority support that’s available for TablePress premium versions at this time. Thanks for your understanding. (Another option could then actually be to use the Scroll mode of the Responsive Tables feature module which is not subject to this problem.)


Thank you Tobias for the fast response )

I wrote in German since it always better to speak on a person’s native language, and I lived in Germany so…

To the point:
First you always work for your reputation then reputation works for you. So I chose TablePress based on that ) And I guess, issues like mine should be mentioned in plugin description clearly. Otherwise the rating stars won’t match ) Probably I hadn’t given the description enough thought before installing. Anyways I see no point and I can’t afford to pay for any tiny feature on my websites, sorry. So I’ll figure it out either with coding or changing the plugin.

Thank you for your work )
Best regards


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