using wpcode to insert into a custom table in WordPress DB

Hello, I am using WordPress 6.3.1, with WPCode Lite Version 2.1.2.

I have a snippet that if I uncomment the wpdb->insert line (2nd to last line in the code below) doesn’t appear to run.

Does anyone have any ideas? I checked the SQL db on the CLI and my WordPress user has GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on ‘DB’.* so I don’t think it’s a permissions issue.

if(isset($_POST['origin']) && isset($_POST['destination']) && isset($_POST['tripDate']))  
  // URL of Bing Maps REST Routes API;   
  $baseURL = "";  
  // Set key based on user input  
  $key = ""; //removed key for this post.   
  // construct parameter variables for Routes call  
  $wayPoint0 = str_ireplace(" ","%20",$_POST['origin']);  
  $wayPoint1 = str_ireplace(" ","%20",$_POST['destination']);  
  $optimize = "time";
  $routePathOutput = "Points";  
  $distanceUnit = "mi";  
  $travelMode = "Driving";  
  $tripDate = $_POST['tripDate'];
  $origin = $_POST['origin'];
  $destination = $_POST['destination'];
  // Construct final URL for call to Routes API  
  $routesURL = $baseURL."/".$travelMode."?wp.0=".$wayPoint0."&wp.1=".$wayPoint1."&optimize=".$optimize."&routePathOutput=".$routePathOutput."&distanceUnit=".$distanceUnit."&output=xml&key=".$key;  
  // Get output from API and convert to XML element using php_xml  
  $output = file_get_contents($routesURL);    
  $response = new SimpleXMLElement($output);  
  $travelDistance = $response->ResourceSets->ResourceSet->Resources->Route->TravelDistance;
  $travelDistance = floatval($travelDistance);
  $roundedDistance = round($travelDistance, 2);
  echo "On ". $tripDate . " you travelled " . $roundedDistance ." miles from " . $origin . " to " . $destination . ".";

  require_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/wordpress/wp-config.php';
  global $wpdb;
  global $current_user; wp_get_current_user(); 
  $currentUser = $current_user->display_name;  
//$wpdb->insert('mt_trips', array('currentUser' => $currentUser, 'tripDate' => $tripDate, 'roundedDistance' => $roundedDistance, 'origin' => $origin, 'destination' => $destination]));


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