Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in GA4

Hello! Looking for someone to help with setting up Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in GA4. The online store is built on WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce. The Google Tag Manager container is connected to the online store through the GTM4WP plugin. In essence, the GTM4WP plugin should take care of everything, which it partially does. In GTM preview mode I can see that events and info. from the data layer to GA4 goes, but the 1st problem appears here – begin\_checkout events go to GA4 2 times – at the opening of the Checkout page and at the Thank you! page opening. The begin\_checkout events should fire only when the Checkout page opens. Can’t find the reason why. And the 2nd problem – when testing the purchase until the purchase event, the purchase value is sent to GA4 correctly, it seems to work, but there was one purchase yesterday and one a couple of days ago, they are not fixed in GA4 for unknown reasons?! Both purchases were through PayPal, I thought, maybe a person gets stuck on the PayPal side, but nothing, I tested it in PayPal Sandbox mode, everything works -> events until GA4 go and order value as well. I’m stuck here. Don’t know what to try next. Maybe someone can help? Of course, if we agree, the reward for the work will not be left behind.


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