How do I troubleshoot a theme element display problem?

I’m helping a local non-profit re-theme their WordPress-based website, using the Benevolent Pro theme from RARA. I am not a professional WordPress developer, I just have the spare time and experience in working with WP that no one else in the organization does. In this theme’s homepage template, there’s a section called Community, that’s designed to display post/page featured images with “Learn More” buttons in either a two column, one row table or a 4 by 4 table. What we want to have in that space are links to the organization’s Event Calendar and the site blog page.

Now, everything worked fine on the Local development version (nginx, PHP 7.4.1, MySQL 8.0.16, WP 6.0). But when I tried to set things up on the production server, if I try to pair the calendar page with the blog page, the second column doesn’t generate and I get the image in the left column with the link and descriptive text that should be in the (non-existent) right column. I can get either page to appear with the Support Us page as a pair, and can get the blog page to appear with individual blog posts as a pair, but I can’t figure out why some pages and posts cause the table generation to fail.

The production version is a Managed WordPress site hosted on GoDaddy and is using PHP 7.4 and WP 6.0 (and it’s proving nearly impossible to use GoDaddy’s website at all tonight).

I’ve been beating my head against the wall on this and would settle for pointers on how to troubleshoot this, if not an actual solution.

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  1. Do you have a URL? I’d ricght-click and see a working example, then compare to a broken one and see if and classes or divs are missing. OR if there are javascript errors / other errors on the pages where it doesn’t work.

    If it works on staging – how do you push to live? Are you using GD staging or something else? Often these issues are to do with caching and clear up after a while, or with a cache purge.

    Is the section in the customiser and you edit it… or are you able to direct edit the page? In which case you could just create your own section and use a event shortcode to show the grid?


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