Error Code: Out of Memory

I recently added a sub-page on our company website that will act as a video blog. It has a header, some text, and then an embedded YouTube video. I was able to do this easily with no problem and was able to do this with roughly 25 videos.

I went on today to add our latest two videos but am getting the attached whenever I try to copy a section in order to add new ones. I did some research online and it mentions fixing some code in the original file but this website was originally created by a marketing firm so I have no idea how I would do that. It also mentions something about increasing your hosting package and we are looking into that on ionos who hosts our domain but just curious if anyone has any advice on fixing this or suggestions? Seems really complicated.

  1. Clear your cache. Check the quota in your 1&1 ionos account. There are several ways to increase the memory limit in WordPress. This can be done by adding a few lines of code to the wp-config.php. Google search “increase WordPress memory limit” for more details.

  2. I don’t think increasing the memory limit will work. This error is client side and not server side. Something on the page causes the ram to run out of memory, you may have a lot of other tabs/programs running. You can open task manager on chrome with “shift” + “esc”. It shows memory usage for each tab.

    Try to remove section of the page until it works again.


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