Catalog data from 20k MS Word documents into WP?

I have been presented a project that involves ~20k MS Word documents (all text based). Assuming I could scrape/export most of the copy into excel or something similar, is there any reason why WP would not be able to handle this?

Hoping to use WP as a “database” to catalog all this information via categories/tags and be searchable.

In a perfect world, I would like to use an out-of-the-box plugin if anything would even exist. I just do not know where to start (I am a front end UX/XI developer)

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  1. You can open docs from excel. Recently you could VBA a routine to open all docs in a folder and add the text to a row… but now they’ve replaced VBA my excel knowledge is officially dead!… but i guess that’s for another forum.

    There are a lot of CSV import plugins… just google it. Almost every one of them allows you to map fileds – import as post/product/cpt etc.

    My approach would be to do the whole job on local hosting, and then migrate the site.


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