Expanding My WordPress Knowledge – Seeking Recommendations

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working at a marketing agency for the past year, primarily building and managing WordPress sites. While I’ve become (fairly) comfortable using GenerateBlocks/GeneratePress and Elementor, I feel there’s still a lot more to learn to become truly proficient and more valuable to my agency.

I’m looking to expand my knowledge in several areas and would appreciate any recommendations you might have. Specifically, I’m interested in:

1. **Advanced Customization**: Moving beyond what the page builders offer and getting into more advanced customization techniques.
2. **Theme Development**: Understanding how to create and modify WordPress themes from scratch.
3. **Plugin Development**: Learning to develop custom plugins to meet specific client needs.
4. **Performance Optimization**: Best practices for optimizing WordPress sites for speed and performance.
5. **Security Best Practices**: Ensuring the sites I build are secure from common vulnerabilities.

Any resources, courses, books, or personal tips you can share would be greatly appreciated. I’m eager to learn and improve, and I believe this community is the perfect place to get some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

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