Fastest free theme you’ve used?

Hi, as by title I have been looking for a WP theme on the back on speed only. Researching online, all I can find are affiliate sites recommendations so I don’t really trust them.

Yes, I have tried testing the speed of themes myself but that can be misleading too (if you don’t really upload all images and pick plugins etc).

Tell me Reddit: which is the fastest WP theme you have worked on? I put an accent on actual hands on experience because in the long run how a theme performs depends on many factors (including hosting etc) and not all of them can be deducted from an empty theme. So -assuming that I won’t go cheap on hosting- which theme should I adopt?

Extra info: this would be for the publishing vertical, not a product-focused site. I would also use the same theme for some charity stuff I do every now and then, looking for free themes only as I’d rather use the cash to get better hosting and support.


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