Fine-Tuning AI and Other Questions

 see that we can finetune the AI and manage our own fine-tuned models, but what are the limits? i see from your own meowapps AI bot (which I assume has been finetuned) it still gives generic answers

It’s not finetuned, it uses a good context and embeddings. Basically, I have set it up in such a way right now so that I can see what questions are being asked, I am making the embeddings better based on that, and at a later point, I will finetune my own model based on this.

Is it possible to get personality like (check the Elon Musk one) but still have all the standard capabilities that GPT-4 or GPT 3.5 have?

Sure, it’s super easy, just need to make a good context, and that works out of the box.

Also, i see that finetuning costs can be very expensive, do you use services like humanloop or similar services to make the price much lower?

I am not sure what you mean by expensive, but if you have a gigantic dataset, yes, it might be! However I don’t see how Humanloop would make it cheaper, from what I know, you would not only need to pay for Humanloop but in the back it uses your API key.

Is it possible to include multiple APIs for the chatbot depending on the type of question? For example, I believe Claude+ by Anthropic is slightly better if I want it to write a longform article on certain topics, so is it possible that my chatbot will query Claude+ on certain topics, but it will use the GPT4 API for the other queries?

I will include other models, for now, I prefer to focus on integrating OpenAI perfectly, with a solid and robust architecture. My goal is to create the ultimate AI Engine for WordPress so that other plugins can also rely on it 🙂 Adding a new API is a lot of work, and it means I would need to keep my plugin updated with it and its changes forever as my users might rely on it. But ideally AI Engine will be expendable through other plugins, that will add their own models to it.

so your text to image generator, do you also include stable diffusion and/or midjourney? (I know there’s no API yet for midjourney but I think there has to be a way to get output from your own Discord’s server where you can invite the midjourney bot for the prompt results?

I think you know the answer to this question based on my previous answers 🙂 Stable Diffusion is technically good but for production, the images aren’t good enough. However, Midjourney is impressive and I am trying to get en access to an early API. Handling a hacky implementation though Discord wouldn’t be good, very complicated, and each version of Midjourney are way to different from each other (which is why they didn’t propose an API; it would be too much work to maintain with all their changes). But yeah, it looks like it will happen this year and looking forward to it.

is AI Engine available for non-wordpress sites or with other CMS? Is there any plan to do it?

I get this question a lot, unfortunately… it only works on WordPress.


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