First of several issues with mixed RTL and LTR content

I am dealing with several issues relating to inserting or importing mixed direction content. This post is about only one of them, hopefully the simplest.

I have a Word doc/docx written in Hebrew with a few English inserts. It has some numbered lists in it. Inside Word they are fine – the item number is on the right side of the item, as it should be in an RTL page. When I bring the document into WP, the item numbers are on the left end of the first line of the item. This is just not where they should be. Setting the imported document to right justified does not affect this.

The HTML shows the tags for <ol> and <li> only. I did look at it with Inspect and see:

::marker == $0

when I select the item number. I have no idea what to do with that.

Here’s a sample page: [\_-%d7%99%d7%95%d7%a1%d7%a3-%d7%90-%d7%9b%d7%94%d7%9f/](

This is on a test site. The URL above should resolve to one containing Hebrew letters and show the post. If it does not (which has happened to me), the bottom post on this page: []( is the one above.

This behavior is true independent of how I bring the document into WP. I have used the Mammoth docx converter plugin, copy/paste into a classic block, and copy/paste into a paragraph block. I get the same behavior each time.

I suspect that the issue lies somewhere in the definitions of code that WP is using. I have not tested to see if it is theme related.

Any and all help is welcome!


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