Dev Workflow & Efficiency

What’s a standard workflow for an agency that does marketing and bespoke themes?

I’m curious to know some of the different approaches that are utilized for the above.

I’m admittedly newer to WordPress, but not web development. My strongest language is JavaScript, but PHP has come pretty naturally.

That being said, here’s mine –

Boilerplate theme/s :
These are custom themes built for our team. They utilize the same web technologies – timber, tailwindcss, and alpinejs. They are a starter for the bespoke theme, but without too much effort they could be a small client site or donation.

Within the boilerplate are a few templates including a blank template, reasons discussed below.

Using a hybrid approach, the site is mostly built in a block heavy way using native WordPress and ACF. This gives a lot of flexibility to the marketing team and makes it easier to make those simple themes. When able, new blocks are brought into a block repo where they can be added to another theme when applicable.

Custom Plugins:
Features that are more intensive or that can be easily reused, into the repo they go for reuse.

Site generator:
This spins up a new site with the selected theme, plugins, and blocks. The repository is made as well so that development can start immediately.

GitHub, BrowserSync, Laravel Mix, TailwindCSS, Timber, Vue if more heavy

I’d like to add in a MVC theme or plugin.

I’ve looked into the stack from Roots, but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything there. Partially due to the setup it would take to use things like bedrock and trellis with our current server setup. Their new plugin starter looked really interesting, I’m staying up to date on that.

What is your setup with your team or just yourself?

What should I know about that I don’t?


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