Fix 307 redirections |

@scalabria Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to determine where a status code is coming from – whether it’s from a plugin, core, or another service like Cloudflare.

One way you can debug this is to open your terminal and run curl --head <url> to return the header information for a page. This will sometimes have a code that indicates which plugin it’s from or whether it’s from WordPress or Cloudflare.

FWIW, when I run that command on the first URL you provided, I get a 301 response, so perhaps it just took a while for the cache to clear and the new code to appear?

Hopefully that helps you determine where the code is coming from. I checked the Redirection plugin code and it doesn’t appear to explicitly set redirects as 307 anywhere.

Hello Ben! I appreciate your reply! I have noticed what you mentioned, yes. I will monitor that again as it seems it is as you mentioned.

Thank you very much for your time!


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