Footer Widget Font Colour Issue?

I’m hoping someone can help a WordPress rookie out. I didn’t build the website but have taken over its management and can’t seem to find simple things to basic problems. My background is in raw coding, not these web building solutions that make things “easier” and I just find they overcomplicate issues.


That said, the footer of the website contains a list of links such as press, contact and so on. They’re black and go green when hovered over, when clicked they remain black. The issue is if I edit any of the blocks link lists, the default colour changes to light grey (green hover remains). I however can’t find why or an override anywhere? I’ve switched it into HTML, nothing, looked at CSS, nothing. Looked at global theme colours, they don’t even match the black/green that shows on the other lists.

Any assistance as to why this happens so I can keep them black? Thanks in advance.


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