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I’ve seen the demos of your plugin and am yet to test it out myself. I have a few front end quiz formatting requests, if possible.

The first is make each question appear on its own page or at least fill the page, rather than several questions displayed at once, for example like these: https://www.news.com.au/in-the-know-quiz/ or https://quiz-plugin.com/wordpress-quiz-plugin-free-demo/

The second thing is, I know you have a paid plugin that lets us stylize the answer toggles, but could you remove the toggle completely? It’s the one thing that really annoys me about this plugin. Toggles are usually for settings, it is strange to see them used as answer indicators. I would like the two by two grid format where the entire grid is selectable, like in the first link above or at least something more typical like a simple button, or the answer itself is selectable.

thank you.


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