1. We do these migrations often as Wix is a good place to start for small businesses on a budget. We recommend using a builder like Elementor when migrating from a platform so you have the same type of drag and drop features. Plus it is a very widely used builder so there are plenty of how to videos and information out there and it will be easy to always get help with things you don’t understand. I’m happy to answer any other questions about issues you will have migrating if you need guidance. Feel free to DM me. If you’re using a lot of the back end tools Wix provides you will need to figure out replacements before you start migrating.

  2. WordPress is a CMS that caters to a wide variety of markets. You could use it as a developer to build websites for clients or you could use it an author/editor/user to manage tons and tons of content.

    If you’re just going be blogging, then I would recommend you have a developer build you a solid site and then you manage it from there and request development or design changes as needed.

    Difference between Wix and WordPress is Wix locks you into their platform and it’s primarily is drag and drop visual builder whereas WordPress you can pretty much host anywhere, you can code it, low code, or no code it, essentially you have more options in terms of how you want to build and manage your site


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