Getting a substring from a post meta field

I am working on a way of extracting the latitude and longitude from a Jet Form filed.

If user goes to Google Maps and right clicks on the point of the map they can copy the lat/long coordinates. This value is then pasted into a form field called ‘location’.

When the post is displayed, I want to use the lat and long substrings of location to enter into a map widget.

This is what I have done so far, but I know something is missing. The Custom Post Type is called bid-packages.

add_shortcode(‘latitude’, ‘getLat()’);
function getLat($post){
$location = $post->locaton;
$lat = strstr($location, ‘,’, true);
return $lat;

add_shortcode(‘longitude’, ‘getLong()’);
function getLong($post){
$location = $post->location;
$long = strstr($location, ‘,’);
return $long;


  1. The add_shortcode function’s second argument should just be the name of your function without the ()


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