Creative Mail is excluding contacts from emails

I recently started an email list using Creative Mail to send out 2-3 emails a month to my audience to point them to my WordPress site.

I tried sending a copy of a welcome email to my new subscribers, and I chose to send it to the system list called “Never Emailed,” meaning the people I have yet to contact. Instead, it sent the email to no one — the dashboard reads no recipients and I double checked, no one on the list received the email.

I just tried sending another welcome email after resetting the app and my computer. I only attaches 3 of 5 people I wish to contact in the list “Never Emailed.” Has anyone experienced this? It’s very frustrating to design the email just to get to the point where I can’t send it.

Also, I realize Reddit may not be the best platform to voice this issue. If you know a better contact, please comment it below.

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