Noob question – Setting up wordpress locally in a container for the first time

I’m trying to deploy a local podman container on a fedora silverblue to debelop a website locally.
So far, I have created a new podman container through the “Pods” software with the latest official wordpress image ( /wordpress) and let everything configured as default.
After launching the container, I can access it through my host firefox on the address [http://localhost](http://localhostn), so the container work nicely.
The problem is wordpress then ask me for some informations, and I fail to find them on internet or in the container.
It ask me for :

\- Database name
\- Username
\- Password
\- Database Host
\- Table prefix

I have literally no idea how to configure them and would simply like to have a local instance of wordpress.
Does someone know how to set it up, or how to retrieve theses values?
Thanks you

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  1. WordPress requires a database. Most people use MySQL.

    I’d highly recommend you check out Local by


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