Green screen instead of video!

Hi I hope I’m posting in the right place for this. I’m working on a website that is live but still in development. A friend of mine who is testing the site (edit: on their android phone) has let me know today that they can’t load any of my videos. The videos are Vimeo embeds, and have previously worked fine. Now when they hit play they just get a green screen.

Interestingly if I send them a direct link from Vimeo for them to view one of my videos in presentation mode, no issue. This makes me wonder if this is to do with embedded video?

(On the site I’m using the Crocoblock JetElements plugin for the Elementor page builder in WordPress, in case that’s useful to know)

From looking around online, it seems that all the solutions offered are aimed at the browser, indicating that this is a local issue on that user’s phone.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem?

Would be very grateful for any advice or insight that could be offered.

[Screenshot of the issue](

ETA: I have no ideas from where this issue might be arising, my site, the video feed, or locally on the tester’s device.


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