Has WordPress.com gotten worse?

Hi there!

I’ve been a wordpress.com user for… maybe twelve years now. It used to be a pleasant one-stop shop for a great looking, service-hosted page for ages.

Now, I am back to set-up a new page and find

1. most of the themes I liked to be gone
2. hardly any cool themes left – even on premium / business level accounts
3. most of the settings to be obfuscated some place in the new editor
4. a cumbersome and overengineered and opaque editor

This is so disheartening! Am I doing it wrong? Sure, you might say: go [wp.org](https://wp.org) and bob’s your uncle, but… I sorta don’t want to operate my own server if I don’t positively have to.

My questions:

1. Has [wp.com](https://wp.com) really gotten that much worse?
2. Am I doing it wrong?
3. What to do (except for self-host) – are there better alternatives for usability and great, modern themes?

Thanks everyone! 🙂


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