Help me understand: Premium accounts, custom themes, and CSS, oh my!

Hello WordPress friends! I apologise in advance if I’m asking a very silly or confusing question. I’ve been trying to research it myself, and I just don’t have enough code fluency to know the answer.

I host my personal website & portfolio on a Personal account, and I upgraded to Premium. I would like to have more control over my theme and site appearance, and I’m working with a UX designer friend to plot out the branding and wireframes. I’m planning to work with a FE dev to build the wireframes.

My question: I’m not sure how much flexibility I have with the Premium plan. Can a dev basically go into the CSS and make it look how I want? Or can you only build that way on a higher plan? I thought about buying a theme but it seems like you can only install that using a Business plan, and frankly that’s excessive for my needs – I need to customise the look and feel for my UX portfolio, but I don’t make enough money off this to pay for a Business plan. I don’t need a super complex site, but I’ve been looking at the existing WP themes and most of them don’t seem to do what I need.

I apologise if I’m missing something obvious but I’m struggling to figure it out. Can I accomplish that level of customisation with a Premium plan?

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