Help my site is gone?

I am very new to WordPress and website design and was trying to build a website with a friend.
I went with godaddy for the domain name and hosting (which I hear is not good…) and the site was up and reachable but unsecured, so I moved the name server to cloud flare and that worked okay only if you put in https first. On one video I watched it showed a plugin called really simple ssl, but it was wanting me to ‘force’it because it couldn’t verify the certificate (or somthing like that I can’t fully recall the words) so I try that but it loads forever and figured that wasn’t working since for him it was instant. Then I tried another thing a site said and changed http to https in two sections on the wp admin page and immediately started to get “too many redirects” on everything even the wordpress login page. Freaking out I reset the name server to godaddys default and reset the account and deleted the files on it entirely and started the process from scratch. But now after that a link to my site says future of something cool, if you’re the site owner log in to launch site, and the wpadmin page says 404 file not found. I’m so lost!! Please help.

Also, the site really had nothing but a theme on it so of there’s some way to reset it back to normal that would be great. But even now I can’t reach reach it 😓


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