How to add input file plain text and submit to publish?

I posted this on stackexchange and nobody knows the answer to my question so I am posting here.

It is simple, I want the browse button to be exactly like the normal customizer text box and save normally just like the text box into database.

Here is the code I have so far,

<input type=”file” name=”file” value=”<?php $this->link(); ?>” accept=”text/plain” id=”<?php echo $this->id; ?>”>

I am trying to add a <input type=”file” … > to wordpress custom control for customizer. I have it displaying the browse button but when you select a file it does not register as being modified and that means it does not change the publish button to allow the submit. I need the file to be read as plain text exactly like a regular text box but using the browse button and selecting the text file. I do not want the file to be uploaded to the upload directory only read exactly the same as a text box. I assume I need a jquery or something to fix this to make the selection allow the submit?


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