Help needed – excessive googlebot crawling on WP/woocommerce site

I know this might be off topic but I’m running out of ideas where to post this. So my WP/Woocommerce site appears to be excessively crawled by googlebot. Specifically product pages and many URLS have Google Ads tracking tail ({lpurl}?campaignid={campaignid}&adgroupid={adgroupid}&keyword={keyword}&device={device}). But coming from a bot. This is causing me obviously issues with hosting due to CPU spikes. I have read about index bloat and similar issues with ecommerce sites. According to hosting 17k hits from googlebot in a day. Yes, I have been running ad campaigns this month.

For context I use a plugin to generate a shopping feed, which is then used in Google Merchant Center to fetch product data. However regardless of the fetch schedule the googlebot is constantly crawling the product pages as far as I can see.

Maybe someone could point me into the right direction whether this is “normal” and I just need a better hosting plan, or if this might be some kind of infinite loop / cloak issue. Thanks a lot.


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