Why is my post being moderated by Automated system?


I have recently noticed that all of my posts on the WordPress forum are being moderated by the automated system. I understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all users, but I am unsure as to why my posts are being flagged.

I would like to provide some context for my situation. I had previously asked for a user to contact me through our website for login credentials. A moderator advised me not to ask for login credentials so often, and since then, all of my posts have been moderated by the automated system.

I understand that asking for login credentials is a sensitive matter and I apologize if my previous post was not in line with the forum guidelines. However, I believe that my current posts do not violate any rules and I am confused as to why they are being flagged.

I would greatly appreciate it if a moderator could review my posts and provide me with feedback on why they are being moderated. I am willing to make any necessary changes to ensure that my posts are in compliance with the forum guidelines.

Thank you for your time and understanding

Best regards,


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