Update to .29 possible conflict with my theme

Mmm, not sure at all! I am going to bed now, meanwhile, best is that you look into the Developer Tools Console of Chrome, and let me know what you see 🙂

Ok will take a look and see what I can learn.

Sleep well Sir.

Took a quick look but couldn’t see anything, but then I don’t really know what I’m looking for lol. Sliders aren’t showing as they’re running using JS so it seems like it is Java Scripts that are being conflicted with.

I did the earlier update in the day to 0.2.8 and that was fine, then you pushed it to 0.2.9 and I think added a fix for Responsive and it was then that the issue with scripts happened.

All rather mysterious
I’ll switch on debugging and see what that says

Hi @arumgeorge,

Could you share the page with me? I am up now, so I will quickly check as soon as you can share it. I might see something 🙂

I don’t think it’s related to the responsive, it only affects the CSS of the chatbot, only when it is on mobile (media queries). Sounds more like a silent crash somewhere.


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