Help troubleshooting social media image thumbnail problem

I created a website through bluehost.

I have no idea how to use bluehost or wordpress but I managed to make my website.

When sharing my website on facebook, a box is created where an image should be but it doesn’t appear.

I have went into yoastseo plugin, content types, homepage, and set an image I want displayed in the social media appearance section, still does not work.

I think it may be because I have to set it manually with yoastseo by selecting my homepage from the pages menu and setting it from there.

My problem is I have nothing under “pages” as I seem to have created my homepage directly by clicking edit website instead of creating a page and setting it to my homepage.

Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. You want to change homepage or you have home page and it’s not directing to it?


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