Help with a custom block?


I’m a pretty inexperienced dev but have played around with dev for Umbraco, DNN and kentico CMS.

I want to create a listing page on a personal wordpress site. I don’t want to pay for something like jetengine, I’d rather dev it myself (as a learning experience).

I have created a custom post type for storing my data for the listings using a custom plugin I built which I intend to interact with the wp APIs, however now I am at the stage of building the actual listing page.

I am a bit stuck now. How do I build a component that I I can drop onto a page? I’m used to writing in html/js on other CMSs and pulling that into a custom component which I can add to a page wherever I want but I can’t quite grasp what I need to make on WP.

Is it a widget? A block? A template?

How can I avoid using PHP and stick to mostly html/js?

Have I gone about this completely the wrong way?


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