My website redirects to “/-/-/-/-/”

Hi folks,

I’m a newbie in website creation. I have just created one in WordPress, and have only installed Wordfence and a URL login customizer so far.

After customizing my URL login page, when I type “” to see that it does not grant access to the login page, it does display the 404 error page, but the URL has changed to “”. Anybody knows what is this??

If I type “” it redirects to “” as expected.

What is this “/-/-/-/-/-/” about? Can’t find any info anywhere.

My main concern is that it could be something not well configured and that this could mean a security issue.

Thanks a million guys!

PD: BTW if I type “” without the “www” it does indeed redirect to the “/404” url as expected.

  1. Check your .htaccess. Maybe replace it with the default WP and then slowly add any hardening settings.

    Disable plugins. If this fixes it, then slowly reactivate them 1 by 1


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