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I am new to WordPress and attempting to create a website using a theme called Alma. I have encountered a number of issues and was hoping to find experienced WordPress users with knowledge on this Theme to help me decipher some of the more niche issues.

In particular, I have been having an issue where a large, blank, white block is appearing over whichever page I designate as the homepage. This issue does not appear in either the frontend or backend editor but makes itself known when I attempt to view the page from the “Preview Page” viewing option. I have combed through every setting within WordPress a dozen times including the styling settings specific to Alma (both the Theme Options and the Theme Styling Options) as well as the general homepage settings of WordPress and have not been able to identify the issue. I have also not been able to find any sort of dedicated community online surrounding this particular Theme so I have turned to Reddit for the first time ever to hopefully find assistance with this issue.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
If there is a more appropriate place to post this question aside from the general WordPress section, I can repost somewhere else as well. As mentioned, I am very new to using Reddit.

  1. Because the display of the blank block cannot be specifically viewed, we can only give a rough inference. Check whether the theme contains a pop-up window setting like Nesletter. If so, you can try to close it. In addition, you can also view the front end in incognito mode. The effect is to ensure that such problems will not occur on the front end.

    In addition, if it is determined that the preview page is abnormal, and it does not affect the front-end and back-end effects, it can only be regarded as an abnormal bug. You can try to update the program or plugin.


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