Help with notifications

One of my clients sold their business/website to another company. Instead of shutting down my client’s website, they have just set up a redirect. Due to this I still keep getting all the WP notifications about plugins and updates. I can’t log in to the website to remove myself from the notifications. I tried reaching out to them and asked for them to delete the original WordPress website but no response.

Are there any other ways to remove yourself as a user from a redirected website?

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  1. I dont think you can redirect properly without the website still being there, or at least the pages. What you need to ask them is to take you off as a user and make themselves a user. They will need you to do this though. In the meantime, just filter all the messages from that site. If worse comes to worse, reach out to the WP community forum. Maybe there is a legal form you can fill out or something. I imagine this isn’t the first time it has happened.


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