Help with Plugin Functionality

I work at a design agency and we are trying to help one of our partners work on a pro-bono website for a non-profit but we aren’t developers so we ran into a bit of a roadblock…

Can someone please explain how the Custom Post Type UI ( plugin for WordPress works or share a tutorial that explains the functionality/how it integrates? We had a developer build us a site with this plugin and we want to add a new page, but we’re not understanding how things get displayed because we’re not developers ourselves.

Let me know if this belongs in r/WordPressPlugins

Thank you!

  1. CPT UI is just a user interface for adding a new post type (e.g. an FAQ or Testimonials post type, to split posts out into different types for a more organised website). Typically this would be done via some code inside the theme functions file if someone didn’t want to use a plugin to add new post types.

    Clarify what you mean by “want to add a new page”.

    A new page where? If just a regular page, then that can be done by going to Pages > Add New (this way doesn’t need any new post types to be added, since you’d just be adding a page of content within the “page” post type).

    Or if you mean you want to add a new post type (for a brand new section of your website that you want to create posts for. E.g. an FAQ section, a testimonial section etc…) then you’d just add it using CPT UI and then within your admin menu on the left you should see the new post type within the menu where you can view the posts & add new posts.

    And then as long as your theme has been set up correctly you’ll be able to access an archive page for your new post type by going to []( (obviously replace that with the name of your post type. E.g. [](

    You might need to resave the permalinks page within Settings after adding a new post type to “refresh” them if posts on the front end (for your new post type) show a 404 error instead of the actual post.


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