Hi wordpressers i need help

i run my own website management agency and iv’e just signed a client that uses wordpress which i have no clue about… she uses an extention called “DIVI Elegant Themes” and are just so confused on what and where do i start. she left me with an account that literally just was abandoned midway through last year and my brain literally feels like its gonna explode if i look at all the errors and notifications. does anyone have any tips?? anything would help.


I need help understanding the editing part really. i feel as though DIVI is not that great… or maybe i just dont get it idk

  1. Calling yourself an agency may be a stretch based on this post. Anyway you better learn WordPress and divi bc a typical “agency” would encounter this combination of framework and theme regularly. There are plenty of yt videos on both subjects. Go there because if you’re starting at zero then Reddit is not the efficient way to learn

  2. If you haven’t worked with WordPress, you might be in a different corner of the internet. Around 2/3 of the web is WordPress (if I can recall correctly).

    As a “website management agency”, you cannot not work with WordPress.

    The Divi theme is just another theme, and you can choose to work with whatever suits you. I work with my own themes or customised versions of publicly available themes.

    Start by learning about WordPress.org.


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