hideEmpty value in custom post type template not being saved


I created a custom metabox called “custom_metabox_event_location”. If I create a custom post type, use your block and save this setting, everything is working. Your metablock is showing the correct value of the metabox.

But I created a custom template for my custom post type following this guide: .

The custom template is working and I added some of your metablock functions like “hideEmtpy” into my template, which you can see here:

'template' => array(
    // Ort
    array( 'mfb/meta-field-block', array(
        'metaType' => 'postType',
        'fieldType' => 'meta',
        'fieldName' => 'custom_metabox_event_location',
        'hideEmpty' => 'true',
        'emptyMessage' => 'Kein Ort',
        'tagName' => 'p',
    ) ),            

If I create a new custom post type, everything is showing correct.

The problem is, that if I enter no value in the metabox for “custom_metabox_event_location”, save my custom post type and then go back to the edit screen, the value for “hideEmpty” is back to “false”.

Why isn’t this being saved? Do I have to add something to my custom post type?


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