How much for a Econ website?

WordPress and woo commence but the client has over 10,000+ items that need to be categorized (prob price edited and descriptions pictures and base info like model numbers and titles were able to be imported by the vendor handing over a excel sheet for bulk upload)

Usually I charge by site and not someone that has 10k+ products.

What would you charge?

  1. If they provide an excel sheet properly formatted to your specs it shouldn’t take more than a few min to import. If you need to populate the excel sheet then it’s another story

  2. Depends how much sorting and individual attention the products need.

    Working with woocommerce exports is easy to the point where it doesn’t matter whether you’re working on 10 products or 10k products, if they all share the same attributes and values, all it is is a few double clicks to expand the column or row throughout the sheet. Though if it’s like 30 products per category, and there’s 300 categories, and you have to manually create the descriptions for each category and set the featured image, and you have to input the SKUs and names manually without anything to work from, this is a completely different story.

    You’ll have to assume an amount of time it will take and use your base hourly rate and calculate that into a project rate.

    I would probably opt to keep them on as a higher monthly maintenance contract client instead of overcharge for the initial website launch.

  3. An Ecommerce with 10K+ products minimum $7500 to develop and design. Client has to provide the products though there’s no way anyone should ever be doing data entry for a new ecommerce website with more than 20-25 products.

  4. This would warrant the “I don’t really wanna do it” price, as I wouldn’t want to do it. But yeah, whatever “a lot” is to you, multiply that by 3


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