How do I create bio pages for portfolio items?

I’d like to use a portfolio plugin like Visual Portfolio Pro (could be something else)

but I want to make it so that when an image is clicked in the gallery it redirects to a bio page.

My guess is to create a bio template somehow, add the bio text, images, etc. then link it to the portfolio gallery that’s on the homepage.

How do I accomplish this? Is there a portfolio plugin that can do this or will I have to use a portfolio plugin + something else to make the bio templates?

Here’s a short video explaining what Im trying to do:

* [](

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  1. VPP creates a portfolio custom post type. Add custom fields to it if you need. Use it to add Bios. Create a VPP gallery. Job done.

    Otherwise – make your own CPT. Add a VPP of just images from the media gallery. Make each link to a url (the bio). But this way is manual and tiresome.

    Make your own CPT. Add v APP of posts from the CPT type. Job done.


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