How do I migrate in this situation?

I’ve confused myself with what might be a very simple problem. Hoping you can help!

\- I’ve got a website on []( hosted with Host 1. I’m changing the host to Host 2.

\- On my Host 2 server, I’ve made a new design for the site on []( I’ve also added []( as a remote domain in cPanel which has made an empty folder for its site files.

**What is the best way to go about migrating the site that exists on** [****]( **to the** [****]( **folder given that the domain doesn’t have DNS pointing to the cPanel server yet?**

I’ve used Duplicator a few times in the past, but I’m not sure how to navigate the complication caused by the fact that the place I’m duplicating the site to doesn’t have a domain name attached to it yet.

How do I navigate to the install.php file without there being a domain attached to the folder it lives in? I found a way to do so using a subdomain of the main domain on my Host 2 server, but then Duplicator wanted to set the whole site up as []( which will presumably cause issues.



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