1. Hi there,

    You’ll want to check in with your domain registrar, but often you’ll need to set up a CNAME record that points

    host: `www`
    value: `domain.com`

    Does that make sense?


  2. This is not relevant to WordPress. Best place to ask would be in r/dns or r/hosting.

    There’s plenty of guides online for setting up www & non-www DNS records. Typically it involves having your A record set up & then a CNAME record as well. E.g. the non-www link set up for the A record & www set up for the CNAME record, pointing at the non-www link. That way if your IP address changes for the A record the CNAME will still resolve without any need to edit it. You could just use another A record for the www. domain as well, it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

    And make sure that your ServerName & ServerAlias are correctly setup with www & non-www links (for Apache) or that the server_name is set to both versions within your NGINX server config file (if using NGINX).


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