How do I update my WordPress blog?

I’ve read this article about how outdated wordpress servers are hackable ( and I’m worried that my blog could be vulnerable as well. I never really thought I had to update anything?? Instructions would be very helpful. Thanks so much.

  1. WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates will show up in the admin. You can automate these if you trust things won’t break.

    If you maintain your own server, you’ll also need to make sure the underlying web server, php, operating system, and database are kept up with security updates.

  2. Just keep your WP, themes and plugins up to date. It’s not difficult, but a lot of people neglect their sites. Uninstall anything that hasn’t received an update in over 6 months. Install Wordfence to protect yourself against known vulnerabilities. Check into your site once a month and you’ll be fine. Set things to update automatically. Run backups daily and keep 1-2 weeks worth of backups.

    The version of WP that blog refers to came out 5 years ago.


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