How do I upgrade to 6.4 without breaking my site and theme?

Hello Everyone,
Im new to WordPress and am not used to the incompatable plugin environment. My site is currently on 6.3.2 (I had to roll back to this in order to prevent the white screen of death in the editor), but I would like to have the newer 6.4 functionality.

I am currently running the **Twenty Twenty-Three** theme, which seems to be lacking in mobile optimization etc.


Any ideas on how I can update to 6.4, maybe 2024 theme without breaking things?


  1. Find out what caused the white screen and resolve it. To do that check your error log or enable debugging in WP while the issue is occurring.

  2. Yeah, 6.4 seems to be problematic for a number of reasons. I just ran into a fatal error with SolidWP Backup (formerly BackupBuddy.) Even with everything else disabled and the default theme, backups run fine on 6.3, die ugly with 6.4.

    Try the canonical “move all plugins to a temporary folder and move them back into wp-content/plugins one by one” trick to see which particular plugin is crashing the site.


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