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1. This can be easily accomplished with a few Gettext overrides of those translation strings. There are many free plugins available on WordPress that allow you to quickly provide an override (alternative) for an existing translation string in Gettext. From the wp-admin page “Plugins – Add New” we suggest searching for “gettext override translations” to find free plugins that allow you to do that.

Gettext override strings simply consist in providing the original (case-sensitive) translation string (“Adults”) and the override string (“Guests”). It looks like you need just four overrides to cover the singular and plural words “Adult”, “Adults”, “Child”, “Children”.

There is no need to touch any PHP file or code when you want to accomplish some simple Gettext modifications.

2. This is something not possible to be achieved, I’m sorry. Only scalar values are supported by the Custom Fields, and so this means that you could not collect a list of answers/choices from a multiple drop down menu.
Our suggestion in this case is to actually use a free-text input field, better a text-area field, where guests can list their own “choices” or special requests.
If you wanted to include this feature you would need to edit several core files, especially because the whole structure of the plugin does not allow to collect non-scalar values through the Custom Fields. Of course we never recommend to modify core files, and an override of those pages would not help you save or collect information from a multiple select.

There are many other ways to collect additional information, after the booking, from the guests. You could set up for example some automatic Cron Jobs or use the pre-checkin feature.

We hope this helps!

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