How to create user registration form with drop-down box to select to correct role

I am trying to create an lms site where the courses are restricted to certain user roles but I am wanting to create a user registration form for new users where they can select what their user role will be to provide access to the courses relative to them – the user roles will be different job roles if that helps at all so when they select what job they do all of the courses related to that will show up for them but I cannot figure out how to make the user registration form assign the role, sorry to ramble on any help is appreciated

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Fluent forms can do this. You can use the user integration and set conditional options based on a dropdown. I believe this would be a paid feature though.

    I would advise doing any coding yourself as opening up user roles easily to the front end is a bad idea and can be a security concern. Unless you know what your doing.


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