Trying to figure out the WordPress REST API for React

I’m trying to “move/transition” my wp site, which is hosted on an php server from the webhost, (I’m kinda new so I’m not sure if the nomenclature is correct) to use ReactJS. All the tutorials I could find about the REST API for WP, involve using a local install of WP.

Basically, we’re using a WP theme called “SeedProd” (SP) which is great but in the future we want to have a web-streaming element with an integrated live chat – AND we want to get WooCommerce working properly which it currently is not with SP. (The images are not working, and the overall design is not what we want to be using long-term vs something we could spin up in React.)

So, how can we maintain the current content of the site (linked below) and build out the long-term goals we want to integrate with React for this site/domain? Found a tutorial from Hostinger, but our webhost is Infomaniak.

[Site in question](

[Broken Woo Commerce shop](


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