How to make product category pages display products the same as shop pages?

My shop page uses 4 columns of products, but the product category pages (i.e sub cats of the main shop page) only has 1 column of products. Is there a plugin that’s being applied to the shop page only maybe? Or does someone know where in the theme code to look if its not a plugin?

The imgur images show that:

1) Inline styles are being added to the product cards on the working page, so makes me think its some plug in.
2) There is a difference in the page types, maybe if it is a plugin I need to configure it to apply to more page types?

3) Full list of plugins and theme directory incase something sticks out to someone!

Any help on where to get started with this would be much appreciated! Could probs be fixed by making new css rules but it would be good to utilise what I already have!



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