Multiple free gifts are being multiplied


I have many products each with 3 attributes – Color, Pattern, Finish. There are many colors and patterns yet they all cost the same. What makes difference is the Finish and I need to keep track of it as a separate SKU.

I wanted to add free Finish product if product added to cart has specific Finish attribute. If added product is “grainy” x1 I get one free Grainy Finish. Then I add another grainy product, now I have 2x free Grainy Finish (which is correct).
Now, I add a product which has “grooves” finish, I get 3x Grainy Finish and 3x Grooves Finish, because there are 3 products in total with “finish” attribute.
If I set “in list” = “grainy” AND “not in list” = “grooves” the rule is not applied.

I checked the documentation and I have it exactly like “Buy any product with certain attribute and get a certain gift” rule.

Thanks for your help!


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