How to restore from a .sql backup?

Pretty new to wordpress. currently using CPanel.

Recently a site crashed after an update, I have a backup I want to restore.

Its a .sql file. Upload goes fine until at line 31 I get error 1050;

Error: The system failed to execute the database script with the following errors: ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 31: Table ‘wp\_actionscheduler\_actions’ already exists


The table doesnt exist. I am starting from a blank database…

What do?

  1. It seems there’s an attempt to create the table twice. Need to open the sql file with an ordinary text editor (like notepad++) and inspect the syntax for stuff like this. Look at this [StackOverflow question]( This is [another article]( addressing CPanel specifically.

  2. Did you delete all tables from the database before uploading the new one? If they already exists, you cant overwrite them


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