Automatic self-hosted plugin update

I am implemeting a premium plugin, in order to use the plugin, client needs a license key which it’s given in the moment the client purchases the plugin!. I have all endpoints where I can check whether license is valid or not, but I need a guide how to tell wordpress where to get updates and versions checks.
If license key is expired or is not valid and client have plugin,I want for client to receive updates , but block update process if license key is not valid
So shortly I want for client to get update notifications but block update if no license or not valid license provided. If anyone could help me it would be appriciated.

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  1. Something like this, you can simply try searching github first: [](


    Disclaimer: I have no relation to the above repository. I simply search on github with: wp plugin update

    And voila. And if it doesn’t work, the code can give you an idea on how to do it.


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