How to set Post Title to H1 in WordPress Gutenberg? It’s always set to H2

So I edit my posts with WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor, and I add my title in the “Add Title” section. When I check with Ahrefs tool, I realize that the “Add Title” section is a H2. I can’t delete that section, and I can’t leave it blank either, so I always have an annoying H2 on the very top of my post and no H1 heading. If I add another H1 title then this H1 heading still appears BELOW that H2 title. How do I change this? Many thanks in advance!

  1. Create page with title, publish, edit, remove title, save page. Done. Quick and dirty.

  2. Depending on which theme you are using it should already be outputting a H1 element. Take a look at template-parts and the entry.php file in the content directory. Assuming it’s not H1, you can look at grabbing a copy of it, creating a template-parts directory under the child theme and changing the elements you want to target e.g. <h1 class=”entry-title”></h1>. Changing a core file of a theme isn’t recommended as it could break if there’s ever a change.


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