[HOW TO] Trying to display JSON in a readable format…..

I am getting back a JSON string from an API that looks kind of like this locations, addresses, passwords all blurred out)…..


[incoming json])

I need it to be formatted something like this….


[desired format])

…but I can’t find a way to do that.

I need it in a more readable form so I can see what is coming in from the current API and compare it to a second API that should send in the same info. If there is a difference I need to be able to change the second API to make it’s output equal the first API.


  1. I’m not quite sure I follow this.

    Where do you need this formatting?

    The browser you can use:

    You can also copy and paste the output into a formatter like this:

    You could also use a tool like Postman to see formatted JSON from the endpoint:

  2. There’s a PHP function called json_encode() and you can pass the JSON_PRETTY_PRINT flag to make it pretty:

    echo json_encode( $json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT );


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